Santa Hijacked The Grid

Santa hijacked the Grid

RetentionGrid will knock your email campaign results out the of the ballpark. And Santa just found out. He asked us to explain how to work The Grid from his perspective, so here ya go. Santa Says… It all starts with The Grid, and a holly jolly color-coded segmentation that helps you know how to target […]

There’s More Than Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ultimate Holidays Ecommerce Calendar

It’s ten days until Black Friday, and you’re probably very busy dealing with service calls, inventory management, gift wrapping, shipping and a zillion other things. But Black Friday is not the only holiday selling event in the coming season. We’ve put together a list of ELEVEN different days that are just waiting for a targeted […]

Don’t Send Your Holiday Email Campaigns Until You Check This List


This article by Sandy Hathaway first appeared as a guest post on the Bigcommerce blog. Of all the things that can go right (or wrong) in your email campaigns, the most important and most overlooked aspects are personalization, mobile optimization, and conversion journeys. Perfecting these will ensure you have high-impact campaigns. Furthermore, a last minute time-saver […]

Social Feeds for Social Proof

zeroUV Email campaign

Anybody can do something to get your attention. But keeping it—that’s the hard part. As a business owner, you’ve probably dealt with this at some point, wondering “How can I keep my customers engaged?” The answer: Let your customers do the talking. While celebrity endorsements and expert advice can boost your company’s image, it’s the […]

What are Predictive Product Recommendations?

RetentionGrid Understands Your Customers History

Have you ever wondered how Netflix seems to know exactly what kind of movies you love? The company uses predictive analytics to accurately recommend films you are likely to enjoy based on your previous selections and on films enjoyed by users with similar tastes. But predictive analytics aren’t just for those who watch movies and […]

Email Personalization with Dynamic Lifecycle Messaging

Loyal Customers

RetentionGrid is a Dynamic Content Engine that offers Personalized Email Experiences for Every Shopper. A key feature is the software’s Dynamic Lifecycle Messaging capability. This ensures that each customer receives a message and offer that is appropriate for their current loyalty and engagement with your e-commerce business.It all begins with The Grid. Once your shop is […]

How the HECK can email be an Experience?

RetentionGrid delivers personalized email experiences

Imagine: You walk into your favorite shop in the world. The shop owner smiles, and greets you by your first name. He or she asks about your last purchase: How did everything work out for you? You chat for a bit and ask for recommendations regarding the items you are looking for next. You discuss […]

How Does Open Time Email Personalization Work?

RetentionGrid Open Time Personalization Technology

Email marketing has undergone some serious changes in recent years. First was the batch and blast method, followed by basic segmentation, dynamic content assembly, and predictive marketing. But even with the most advanced forms of marketing, there were always chances taken and risks involved. Enter open-time email personalization. Have you ever sent an email, then […]

Optimize Your Email Marketing for Cyber Monday

RetentionGrid Mobile First Email Campaign Design

Everyone is worried about optimizing for mobile this year, and for good reason. With 60-70% of all emails being opened on mobile devices, ensuring this season’s campaigns are gorgeous and responsive has been all the rage. At RetentionGrid, we figured out a while ago that mobile-first designs are a necessity. And so that’s what we […]