Email Personalization with Dynamic Lifecycle Messaging

Loyal Customers

RetentionGrid is a Dynamic Content Engine that offers Personalized Email Experiences for Every Shopper. A key feature is the software’s Dynamic Lifecycle Messaging capability. This ensures that each customer receives a message and offer that is appropriate for their current loyalty and engagement with your e-commerce business.It all begins with The Grid. Once your shop is […]

Jason Latshaw Talks Retention Tuesday on

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers has been a household name since the ThighMaster debuted twenty years ago. She continues to be a believer in living a healthy, toxic-free lifestyle, and recently revamped her online shop to sell the organic products near to her heart. Jason Latshaw, who manages, chatted with us about the creation of Retention Tuesday, […]

What are the Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools? Quora Says RetentionGrid

Quora - Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools

We’re big fans of Quora, the online collaborative information sharing and learning platform that allows you to get your questions answered. Two weeks ago a question was raised on Quora about advanced analytics tools for ecommerce sites: Immediately, analytics companies began to provide answers showcasing their companies. Here at RetentionGrid, we decided to take a […]

Stitch 56 On Growing Organically Through Customer Retention


Helene Goldberg followed her heart. She raised a family, moved continents, and turned her passion for sewing into a successful business. Helene skyped with us all the way from Australia to share her inspiring story, why she focuses on organic growth, and how RetentionGrid aided her young business in breaking even. Tell me the story […]

ZeroUV on Customer Loyalty and Selling the California Lifestyle

ZeroUV: Customer Loyalty and Selling the California Lifestyle

From selling sunglasses at swap meets during college to running a lucrative international business, ZeroUV Co-Founder, Brian Fujita, has plenty of expert tips when it comes to growing your ecommerce shop. We sat down with Brian to talk about the importance of selling a lifestyle, his customer retention best practices, and how RetentionGrid helped ZeroUV […]

Great Customer Retention Starts With Great Customer Support

Robin and RetentionGrid integration

Is the headline breaking news? Not really, right? Like many customers have told us already, treating your customers like family is the key to keep them coming back. If customer service is so important to customer retention, then why don’t the two coexist? We asked ourselves the same question and are proud to announce that […]

A Chat with Margarete Nudel about Increasing Customer Loyalty

By Margarete Nudel

This post was originally posted on the Tictail blog. Margarete Nudel has always loved fashion and working with her hands. She started her business, By Margarete Nudel, at the same time Tictail launched it’s online shop platform three years ago. Margarete recently changed the way she manages customer retention, and she wanted to share her […]

Touchdown! Alial Fital Wins at Customer Retention

Alial Fital Founder Gibran Hamdan

Many of our customers have compelling stories, but we were blown away when we heard about the origins of Alial Fital. Former NFL Quarterback Gibran Hamdan retired after a 6 year career, took up sewing, and launched a lucrative men’s polo shirt ecommerce business. In addition to his founding story, Gibran’s customer retention rate is […]

Startup Tour Berlin 2014 – Business Week is Visiting RetentionGrid


We’re honored to be invited as a featured company in the Wirtschafts Woche’s Startup Tour event in Berlin on June 13, 2014. The theme of the event is “E-commerce, Mobile Technology and Big Data,” with RetentionGrid covering the first and third topics. When the tour stops at RetentionGrid in Prenzlauer Berg, they will be presented […]

A Model for Increasing Retention and Growing Customer Loyalty

Kevin Dykes at Startup Camp Berlin

We’d like to thank the team at Startup Camp Berlin 2014 for inviting our CEO, Kevin Dykes to speak at this year’s event. We were pleased to see that despite the sunny day outside the room was packed for our presentation, “A Model for Increasing Retention and Growing Customer Loyalty.” The Q&A session afterward was […]